This is not really a bio. It’s the story of how I first got into the world of music.

My name is Marco and I’m an Italian guy with the passion for music. I started my journey about two years ago completely at random and I’ll tell you why:

I went to a party in my hometown of Genoa and met a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. At high school we used to be good friends and even shared the same school desk for three years. However, when I changed schools we inevitably drifted apart.

This guy aways had (and still has) a great passion for making music and djing, and I remember we used to make some super rough beats just for fun. So when I saw him at that party I asked him about his music right away. He said that he was still doing it in his spare time and he wanted to show me some of his recent works.

So we met at his place a couple of days later, he ran FL Studio and I listened to his projects.
I remember I was sitting in front of his laptop: my focus was to try to figure out how he made every single sound I was listening to and I was really impressed.

I realised something, while sitting there in that studio, a question that has since changed my life:

“What if I make my own songs?”

[to be continued…] 

This is the first page of my story, help me write the rest! 🙂